Bath Avenue Parenting Consultations

Our One-to-One Parenting Clinic helps parents learn the skills they need to take the stress out of parenting and help their children flourish.

THERE IS NO DOUBT that parenting in the modern world is a challenge. The added difficulties of Covid makes it a hugely difficult task. Both children and parents are being tested in ways that we’ve rarely seen before. So it’s no wonder that both are feeling the stress of this situation.

Some issues faced

It’s very difficult for children to process the stresses, fears and worries that they are experiencing on a daily basis. They lack the cognitive function to be able to recognise what the issue is and to work through it. So as a result, they act out as an expression. This is the case for all children to some extent, from a very young age right up into adulthood.

Parents of toddlers can begin to see their children taking to what we might call ‘tantrums’. This can be particularly stressful for the parent when it happens in a queue at the supermarket. Some children are outright refusing to go to school. Meal times can be a big issue for some parents. Children use this time to refuse to eat, or they won’t sit at the table, or perhaps even throw food.

Many children show signs of violence. They take to hitting or biting their siblings, parents and other children.

It is important for parents to remember that what they and their children experience are not uncommon. The vast majority of these issues are being experienced in millions of families across the world. Our parenting consultation helps parents and carers make sense of these issues. We offer practical advice and tips so that they can manage the stresses and difficulties in their own unique way.

How does it work?

Parents or carers can call Bath Avenue Counselling Centre to make a booking for one of the Wednesday morning consultations. Booking is essential as we are not in a position to accept walk-in clients.
During the session, we will discuss your child’s issue and work together to formulate a method to help combat the behaviour that is causing the issues. We discuss not just their behaviour, but their development, relationships and adjustment to life changes. The children do NOT attend the sessions as they are an opportunity for the parent to speak freely.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us >

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Bath Avenue Parenting Consultations

Our One-to-One Parenting Clinic helps parents learn the skills they need to take the stress out of parenting and help their children flourish.

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